Saturday, 9 June 2012

Was it such a disastrous holiday?

My husband would argue that the holiday was not too bad, it was just the weather that spoiled it for us.  However, I would say that it was a rubbish holiday and I would rather stay at home next time!!

The caravan was cramped and when you have to stay in there for the majority of the holiday due to the constant rain, even a saint would lose their sanity!!  Still, at least it was reasonably clean, which is a lot more than I can say for the last one we stayed in.

We paid extra to go a day early, which was just as well, because the day after our arrival was the only time worth spending on the beach.  The rest of the holiday was so cold I had to wear two pairs of leggings and four layers of clothes, plus my dressing gown to keep warm!! (The dressing gown I wore whilst in the caravan, not outside if anyone was wondering!).  Also I had not packed enough warm winter clothes, so virtually had to wear the same things for almost a week.

There was nothing worth doing for my baby girl but there were some activities that kept my eldest daughter entertained for a bit, unfortunately it all cost money and so she was very limited on how much she could do.  My husband brought us on holiday fully expecting to spend the vast majority of the time playing on the beach and he was not prepared to fork out extra cash for other means of entertainment.

We managed to do some pottery painting two days in a row because the weather was so awful.  We could only stretch to my daughter painting something for herself, and could not afford for me to paint anything.  I was extremely bored but luckily my daughter allowed me to give her a helping hand.  It is rather amusing to see how many parents were actually there painting a pot for themselves as well as finishing off what their kids have done!

Throughout the holiday I was as miserable as the weather and was very poor company, especially when inside the caravan.  To top it all we forgot my vanity case packed full of my asthma and eczema medications and toiletries.  I was not a happy bunny and we now have to pay the holiday park to post it back to us.

Already I am dreading next year when the holiday discussion crops up again - I do not want to stay in another caravan, I would rather be left at home with my own comforts.  My husband can take the girls away himself if he really wants a holiday, and I can then relax and have some time to do my own things and not have to worry about everyone else - that would just be the best holiday ever! (Chances of that happening would be extremely remote , but I can still dream!)