The Pregnancy

I breezed through the pregnancy without any problems and was lucky enough to not suffer from any symptoms that many expectant mothers go through.  The only trouble I had was the one time when I fish and chips and suffered with terrible heartburn.  I could not sleep all night and had to prop myself up with pillows.  It was worth it though as I had not had fish and chips in such a long time since I was trying to eat healthily.

There were wonderful moments where I felt the baby moving and as the months went on I had a strong feeling that it was going to be a girl.

When I was about 7months pregnant we decided it was time to refit the bathroom.  I'd been living with that horrible avocado suite for almost 5 years and quite frankly never liked it and was sick to death of it.  Finally we could afford to replace everthing.

We opted for a nice simple, clean white suite with good shiny chrome taps.  We replaced the radiator with a towel rail and fitted some lovely glass corner shelves.  The tiles were all replaced too and I found grouting very therapeutic.  We did everything ourselves (except the plumbing) and when it was all finished I enjoyed my baths and showers a whole lot more.

I finished work for maternity leave about 2 weeks before the due date and I attempted to rest and await the arrival of the baby. I got extremely bored as everything was organised, I had all the baby clothes ready, the hospital bag packed and I hoped for an early arrival.  The baby was due on 1 December and I was not going to be happy if it was late; I did not want it coming too close to Christmas.

As the days wore on I got increasingly fed up and suddenly felt the weight I was carrying.  I was too uncomfortable and wanted it out.

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