Friday, 27 January 2012

Going away

Just before going away my husband tells me that he needs an urgent appointment with an optician to get a problem seen to that's been bothering him for about a week now - that's news to me, he's never mentioned anything previously.

Well, tomorrow we go to visit my cousin for the weekend and he wants an appointment first thing in the morning so he calls me from work to get me to phone around for him.  There I was trying to settle the baby and at the same time phoning around the three opticians we have in the town only to no avail and now I have a screaming baby attached to my hip!

I call him back to let him know that all the opticians in town do not have any appointments for tomorrow at any time whatsoever.

Finally I can get down to feeding my hungry daughter.  Whilst she was happily guzzling down her milk the phone rings again and lo and behold, my darling husband is on at me once more.  I couldn't pick up the phone so he left a message on the answerphone telling me to get an appointment for this afternoon and he'll finish work early.  Now the message is on the answerphone, it keeps beeping telling me that it needs to be listened to - very annoying sound.

Finally, my gorgeous girl has finished her bottle and is happily dozing off when again the phone rings.  I bet it's hubby again!  This time, luckily he doesn't leave a message but my baby has opened her eyes and I'm worried she will not settle back and wake up for good.  She doesn't sleep well at the best of times.  I carry her off upstairs and every now and then she will have a look around to see where she is.  I put her into her cot and go to close the curtains, she is watching me and I hope that she will close her eyes again.  I turn her onto her side (her favourite position), she closes her eyes and I quietly leave the room.

Once again, I telephone all the opticians to double check if any appointments are available for this afternoon and as I previously thought, there are none available.  I call hubby back at work to report back to him and he says he too has already telephoned them because he thought I was out!  Now that was a waste of time for me!!  I suggest maybe we could call the opticians in Watford where we will be tomorrow and he leaves me to it.

I Googled Specsavers in Watford, got their number and thankfully made an appointment for tomorrow afternoon, a few hours after arriving at my cousins house.  The bonus is that the sight test is on offer at the moment at £7.50.  I once again call hubby back to tell him the good news and he is happy with the result and the bargain too! Phew!!!

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