Friday, 3 February 2012

Anyone want to look after a vomitting baby?

Since coming back from my cousin's house my baby girl has not been very well.  At Monday lunchtime she took one mouthful of her pureed food and decided to throw up.  It went absolutely everywhere and I didn't know what to sort out first - me, the table, the highchair or hair.  After a few seconds of dithering I opted to sort the baby out.  I pulled her out of the highchair and took her upstairs for a bath and a change of clothes, after which I had to leave her in the rocker in the kitchen whilst I cleaned the table and the highchair.

I decided to leave her at home with me.  Usually on Monday nights, my husband would take my elder daughter to her swimming lesson with the baby in tow to watch, whilst I had some time to myself.  That night I gave my baby her bottle early, which she didn't finish and took her up to bed.

Knowing that my other daughter would make a commotion when she came in, I wrote a note on the door for her to be quiet so as not to wake the baby.  Once she arrived at the front door I heard her read out the note and yet she continued to bounce about and talk as loud as she could.  Unfortunately, she was not considerate enough to tone the noise down and got a telling off.

Tuesday was not much better in that the vomiting continued, coupled with diarrhoea now - marvellous, just what I need!!

It is now Friday and she is better now, the vomiting and diarrhoea has stopped now but her appetite hasn't returned.  She only manages about one ice cube sized pureed food.  She likes to eat the pear but not the other vegetables I give her.  Hopefully that will improve soon.

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