Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Parents' evening

Last night was Parent's Evening at my daughter's school.  On meeting with her class teacher I was told yet again that she is delightful and a clever child and extremely able.  She has nothing bad to say about her and in class she pays good attention and is always willing to learn.  She is in the top set of everything and is progressing brilliantly.

Why then, does my high achieving daughter does not show me her capabilities at home where I struggle to get her to read even the most simple of books?  Apparently, it may be because she works so hard all day long right up to last minute of the school day, that she is completely drained by the time she gets home.

My daughter's teacher says that her phonics, reading and writing is excellent and she is much better with the numeracy than literacy.  She then goes to say that she is certainly above the national average for her age group and has been doing work with some of the children in the year above.

Either the school has very low standards or I expect too much from her as I am sure that she is able to do a lot more than what I have witnessed.  In any event I know I should be a proud mum but I can't help feeling a little bit skeptical about all the good things that I've been told.

Well, at least she's behaving well and achieving at school.  I just wish she would be just as good at home...

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