Thursday, 8 March 2012

Knitting for Lent

We have a knitting frenzy on our hands!.  My daughter's school needs to knit as many 12cm x 12cm squares as possible for Lent to be put together to make blankets for African children.  I thought what a great idea, if you can knit!  Fortunately I can knit, but only the very basic stitch (I think they call it a knit stitch) and I can only knit squares or rectangles; I cannot knit a garment to save my life.  So, I thought this challenge wouldn't be too bad.

I had a pair of knitting needles from when I was little and I thought I had brought them with me when I got married.  Since the school's notice came out I have searched high and low for them and could I find them? Not a chance!  I therefore had to go out and buy a pair.  Luckily they were not overly expensive; then I began the challenge....

Well, having spent all that time looking for my non-existent needles, I was a week late in starting and 26years out of practice!  By the end of the weekend I had managed to knit 6 squares and was it worth the effort?  By the end of Sunday evening I had cramp in my left arm and the ends of my fingers hurt so if you call all that pain worth it, then yes it was!  On a weird note, I did find the knitting oddly therapeutic.

My daughter is very pleased with my efforts as she was becoming rather upset that her class had only done 3 squares, whereas some of the other classes were into double figures already.  Now we can catch them up!

So the challenge continues and I have another couple of weeks before the deadline to get more in for the school...

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