Friday, 2 March 2012

School's boring!!

What a trial it has been this morning.

Eldest daughter has been enduring a sore throat for about a week now coupled with a blocked nose.  I took her to the GP last night who says it may have been tonsillitis.  Her tonsils are swollen but not red so looks like it's on the mend.  There is nothing he can give her.

Every morning this week she has been waking up crying and wailing like a banshee complaining that her throat hurts and can't swallow.  This morning was no different except for the fact that she doesn't want to go to school, not because she is feeling poorly, but merely because "it's boring".  That was all I got out of her in between the crying.

Bad mummy has no sympathy and merely gave her a lecture about how she must go to school to learn to read and write in order to grow up to be a useful person in society and to get a job when she grows up.  Without being properly educated she will not be able to do whatever she wanted when she's older.

All I got was "I don't like school" and "I already know how to read and write and count" (she is only 6).
"Yes dear, but do you know how to read like mummy and daddy"

Therefore she must go to school whether she likes it or not.

I cannot put up with all that sniveling she does when she doesn't get her own way, especially that incessant wailing that sounds that it should come from an extraterrestrial creature.  If anything, it makes me even more angry with her when behaves in such a manner; I do not want to know and just simply get on with whatever else needs doing and let her cry it out all on her own.  I have better things to worry about than to sit there and feed her melodramatic performance.

In any event, I was rather pleased with myself for not showing my anger, knowing that it will not solve anything.  Normally I would just rant at her about how ungrateful she is and how annoying her behaviour is.  I do wish I could be more patient but ever since she was born my patience threshold has diminished somewhat to the extent that at times it is non-existent.

I don't know whether it is just her or just being a mum that makes a lot of things intolerable.

In contrast I have much more patience with my baby girl, who is a much more difficult baby than my first was ever was.  Is it the case that being a 2nd time mum I am more relaxed?  I don't know, but more often than not I am much more critical of my 1st.

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