Friday, 2 March 2012

Rice battle with daughter (again)

Well, I made rice again the other day with char sui (Chinese roast pork), which was a dish that my daughter likes, but yet again the debate over rice eating started to heat up.  My daughter asked me what was for dinner so I told her and she said "But I don't like rice", to which I replied "every time you say that I'm going to cook rice the next day".

She immediately responded by saying "I love rice mummy!"  I didn't know whether to laugh or blow my top (since my temperament has become a little unpredictable as of late)

Well, all I said to that was she should be able to eat it all if she loves it, and if she doesn't eat everything on her plate, I'm going to cook rice the next day anyway.  Needless to say she wasn't impressed by that remark and walked off without saying a word!  I think perhaps she was contemplating her next move to get out of eating her meal.

Anyway, dinner time came and as usual she picked at her food, ate her meat and vegetables but left the rice.  Yet again, I attempted to reason with her about the value of food and how lucky she is to even get fed as there are many children in our developed society where children are still so poor their parents cannot afford to feed them properly and that she should be grateful for what she's got.  (Goodness, I'm turning more into my mother every day!)

I remember that I never liked rice much when I was small but I ate it because I had no choice and I didn't want to go to bed hungry.  We also got the lecture about all the poor children in Africa who were starving to death.  But we mostly feared my mother's temper which was much worse than what mine is now (especially when she got the bamboo stick out!); the thought of it terrifies me even now!

That night, after I had eaten, I went upstairs to wash my baby girl when I heard a little voice from downstairs talking to her dad saying that she'd had enough to eat.  I heard dad say that she hadn't eaten the rice.  Just as I was finishing cleaning up my baby I heard the sound of pounding elephant's feet up the stairs and that little voice spoke again;

"Mum, can I have pudding?"
"Because you haven't eaten all your rice"
"But if you don't let me have pudding I won't love you anymore...and even if you say you love me I still won't love you...and I'll cry"

I was so fed up with her and her attitude by now that, without hesitation, I said "Go cry then".

With that, my daughter proceeded into her bedroom, slammed the door shut and like a turn of the taps, the waterworks and howling started.  I heard her muttering something about mummy being horrible in between the sobs but by then I'd had enough and didn't really care.

Five minutes later, she emerged from her room (record quick time by her standards) and went downstairs with a compromise.  She asked her dad if she could have banana instead.  At least it's a healthy option.

Why must we go through this every time I make rice; what is it about rice that she dislikes so much.  I would like to know but she doesn't tell me, all I get is that she just doesn't like it.  She cannot give a reason, if I suggest things as to why she does not like rice she just agrees with everything I say.  Perhaps she is too young still to comprehensively put her feelings and thoughts into context. Whatever the reason, she'd better grow out of it soon because I do not want my baby daughter growing behaving in this ungrateful manner and I will continue to cook rice whether she likes it or not!


Kristen said...

Hi British Born Chinese Mum:

This is well said!

Being a Mommy is a ride like no other. I am blessed with a splashy polar bear of 4 year old who seems to ask for the very thing he does not have!

I always guide him to the thought of , "you should be involved with what you have now and now what you don't".

Then I turn around and give myself the same advice. Ha! Love It.

Your blog is awesome.

Thank you.

Get Over Yourself Please

Kristen said...

Hi Mum:

I meant to say "not what you don't have."

Thank you.


British Born Chinese Mum said...

Hi Kristen

Many thanks for your kind comments about my blog; being a mum is a constant battle but it does have its rewards, although I do struggle to recognise these behind the smoke caused my blazing temper!!